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Legalities Surrounding Sexting

dangers of starting sexting and dirty messaging

Dangers of starting sexting and dirty messaging


Many people who have never sext before, want to know how to start sexting. This is due to the fact that they are not aware of the legalities that surround sexting as to what they can and cannot do as far as sending and receiving explicit messages go. If you have been wondering how to start dirty texting or how to start a texting conversation this article is for you. In this overview, we’ll take a look at the legalities that surround texting as well as the pro and cons that are associated with sexting.


Child Pornography And Enticement Laws
Most of the laws that surround sexting are child pornography and child enticement related laws. These laws specifically state that people who are under 18 who send explicit nude pictures can be held criminally liable as well as the individuas who receive them. It’s also worth noting that if an adult sends a minor a sexually explicit photo, they can be held criminally liable as well.


Your/Their Own Viewing
Another legality that’s worth noting is the fact that once you have received or sent a text, the law specifically states that it should viewed by the recipient only. Meaning that, if you share the picture with a friend or if you post it online, then you can be held financially liable in the form of a lawsuit.

Many people who do not know how to start dirty texting or in essence do not know how to start a texting conversation overall, simply send an unrequested explicit photo of themselves. However, by doing this, the individual who sent the unwanted photo could be sued as a result because the law views this as a form of harassment.

Even though many people who learn how to start sexting end up enjoying the experience overall, there are some other cons that’s associated with it. Some of those include:

* Sextortion – One of the more recent trends that have been rising is what’s known as sextortion. Essentially the extortionist uses the acquired nude photos of the individual to demand favors or financial compensation from said victim.

* Emotional Distress – If you send explicit photos of yourself to another individual who posted it online or shared it amongst their friends, this can cause a great deal of embarrassment as well as a certain degree of emotional distress. This can dissuade you if you are curious .

* Job/College – Many employers and universities alike have been increasingly checking the social media accounts of their applicants prior to offering them admission to said university or a job offer. As such, if potential employers or schools come across sexually explicit photos of an applicant, chances are that they will not get accepted or offered a job regardless of the individual’s list of qualifications.


* Can Lead To Physical Intimacy – In many cases once an individual learns how to start dirty texting, it can actually lead to physical intimacy. This is due to the fact that by exchanging sexually explicit messages and pictures with someone, it can help to spark their interest and subsequently lead to a sexual encounter, especially when you and your partner are already in a relationship. For further dating advice, click on the link provided.
* Eases Stress – The act of sexting in itself can be fulfilling due to the abundance of compliments and praise you may receive from the individual you are sexting.

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