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Scams have always existed in all human societies, and stories of con-men and their numerous  exploits have always offered amazing insights into human behaviour. The advent of the Internet brought with it numerous new opportunities for enterprising con-men to even further the reach of their devilish, yet sometimes amazing confidence tricks. Here is California, the growth rate of these scams, as every family law attorney can attest, is alarming. When it comes to fraud in the real estate industry, Blake Leavitt, a young and promising real estate agent from Henderson, Nevada, has seen it all. Blake, who is a top-rated agent in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, it the go-to guy for dream homes and many top luxury properties. He tells us stories of his experiences and those he has also heard from colleagues.

What Real Estate Scams Involve

A real estate scam typically involves someone (the con-man) who is trying to swindle you out of your funds, and yourself or other parties. These frauds happen in both ways, either as sellers or as buyers of real estate. explains that it can happen to almost anyone, so you just need to be very careful with whoever you are dealing with, at any time. Whenever you are involved in large figure transactions, says Mr. Blake Leavitt, you should always be careful, and hire real estate experts like an agent or a real estate attorney if possible. This is because you may not notice a scam early enough, but a real estate agent or attorney, who is more used to the homes and properties market can more easily detect them. This is true both in the Nevada and in the  California real estate markets.

The Scams

– A man buys a house, and just before the closing, he receives a letter from the seller’s lawyer, stating that he needed to pay over $1,000 in property taxes. According to the letter, the seller had already paid all taxes for the year and so expects a refund from the buyer. Long story short, the buyer found out through a real estate attorney’s firm that the seller was actually owing the city unpaid property taxes of over $500.

– Another man who is happily investing in a condo, may get a nasty surprise when he discovers that the final price of the property will be much higher than what the development company sold it to him for. There will then be different kinds of insurance policies, landscaping costs, property tax, e.t.c. A real estate expert could have saved him from such a surprise, explains Blake Leavitt.

– There are swindlers who promise homeowners short on cash that they can rescue them from their situation. They can end up collecting service fees from these homeowners, and may even go as far as getting the homeowners to sign over their properties. One thing is certain though, most homeowners end up losing their home this way.

– There are also swindlers that will illegally inflate the price of a property, in order trick unsuspecting buyers of more money. They will use false appraisals, which overestimate the values of different aspects of the property, and if you are unsuspecting, then you will overpay for that property. Spotting such a scam may be difficult for a first-time home-buyer explains Mr. Leavitt, but a real estate agent can smell it from far away. It also happens often in the Las Vegas and California real estate market, with homes and even commercial properties.

Better Safe than Sorry

There are many cases of real estate fraud in Nevada, especially in Las Vegas. They have always been, and they will continue to be. The same goes for California and the rest of the United States. Family law attorneys do not typically involve themselves in real estate deals, except when there perhaps has been a fraud which is affecting the family. You just have to be careful in all your dealings, and always hire a real estate agent or an Attorney who understands the local laws, practices and average property prices of the environment you are looking to transact in.